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dear no one, i don't feel a thing.
     im cold
           im numb my heart feels like my lips out in the cold
   one tiny moisture that immediately forms a cold crust across my lips that bites on me ; hard
stinging   and when i try to rub it ,       it burns and
          bleeds red.     it hurts.     so
           stop. i stop trying to make it better
   i stop trying to mend what's already
hurt and broken so i stop feeling all at once       i stop my heart from beating violently out of my chest ;
    for the ones that i used to care about. i stop thinking      my brain kicks stop as the drives in my once unending cycle takes it's last and final breath
             it breathes but it's not all good.      im lost in a house on fire
         the smokes of indifference engulfs me
   as it starts to settle deep and sunken within me so please, please don't try to understand something you never will.      i…

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