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Only Human

I am kind.
I am lovely.
I am beautiful.
I am witty and funny.
I am lame. I am crazy and I am warm.
I am angry. I am bitter and I am withdrawn.
I am upset with what has been taken away but I am grateful with what I still have.
I am crushed because I am lonely, but I am relieved that I am still not alone.
I am deflated but I stand up with my head held high.
I am crumbling as quick as an earthquake, the ruins are all that's left of me - my soul, my life and my hope.
I am laughing with the crinkle in my eye you make fun of as an old wrinkle.
I am taking your words of "African child" and "Ass of a child" defenceless, and off-guard, the only front I have is my drive to be like the Father,
but it is not enough.
At dawn, propped up on a pillow of thoughts, my brain rattles in a cage you put me in.
I am a prisoner.
It prompts and hisses at me and reminds me of all that I have done.
For all that I am not.
All that's bad of me.
All that I can never be.
Unworthy. Weak.

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