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My Journey With This Funny Thing Called LOVE

Love, is a funny thing really. Love comes in many forms - it could come in a cruel affliction of death, grief and pain. It could be a fabricated lie, so articulately knitted into a woven wool jacket, making it hard to tell that the prickly scratches was wounding the layers of skin, developing scars that were walls to the heart. Love can come in the form of an insecurity, so deeply buried, it pushed away any sense of sanity.

Love is something that I did not understand, something I was clouded into thinking it came in the form of a boy.
Don't get me wrong. The love we find is in people, and that's the truth that is glaringly obvious. We find it in the soulmate that we wished we'd end up with, or the family we could never have. 
Love was the numbing shot to my brokenness.  A shadow casted over my insecurity.  A pill to cope with the emptiness and loss of not having a father.
Being in relationships, was a form of validation from the endless question of whether I was good enoug…

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